Create Chart / Graph in Google Docs Spreadsheet

How to create or make a graph in Google Sheets?


To insert chart in the Google Docs Spreadsheet file, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: You can upload a chart by using two options.
Option 1: Click Insert Chart.
insert chart google spreadsheet
Option 2: Click downward arrow near the More option and select Insert Chart icon from the toolbar.
insert chart google spreadsheet1
Step 2: Chart Editor dialog box opens. You have three options to insert a chart into the spreadsheet file
Option 1: Click Start and select Data ranges by clicking Select ranges option or click on the square icon to set the data range.
insert chart google spreadsheet2
Step 3: What data? pop dialog box opens. Enter the data range and click OK.
insert chart google spreadsheet3
Step 4: Selected data range will be added in the search box. Under Recommended charts, select the required chart.
insert chart google spreadsheet4

Option 2: Click on Charts option. This option gives you different choices of charts. From the list, select the required chart.

insert chart google spreadsheet5

Option 3: Customize option allows user to set Title, Font, Background color for the chart.
Select the required title, font size and background color to fill the chart and click Insert.

insert chart google spreadsheet6

The edited chart will be inserted into the spreadsheet file as given in the image below
insert chart google spreadsheet7

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