Count Numbers using Count Function

How to count cells with numbers in Google Docs Spreadsheet?


Count function is used to find the number of cells that contains only numeric values and it displays 0 for other cell formats like text,date,etc,.
Option 1:
Step 1: Click InsertFunction COUNT
count google spreadsheet
Step 2: By default, "=COUNT()" will be filled in the cell as displayed in the image below
count google spreadsheet1
Step 3: Just click and drag the cells. By releasing the mouse, result will be displayed.
count google spreadsheet2
Option 2:
Step 1: Click the arrow near Summation icon and select "COUNT".
count google spreadsheet3
Step 2: Select the cell range and the result will be displayed. Here, we have selected the cell range from A2 and A6 and copied the formula from A9 and pasted in B9 and C9. Hence the result is displayed as 7,0,0 as first column consists of only numeric values, wherein other two columns is a mixture.
count google spreadsheet4
Option 3: Type "=count(", select the cell, type ":" and select the another cell and then type ")"
count google spreadsheet5

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