Insert Images in Google Sheets

How to add images in Google Docs Spreadsheet


To insert image in the Google Docs Spreadsheet file, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Click Insert Image.
insert image google sheet
Step 2: Insert image dialog box opens, you have different options to add image into a spreadsheet file.
Option 1:
Step 1: Select Upload option and click Choose an image to upload. Select an image from the local drive of the system and click open. Image will be uploaded into the spreadsheet file.
insert image google sheet1
Image will be uploaded as given in the image below
insert image google sheet2
Option 2: Take a snapshot option will connect with the web cam of the system. You can take a snap at the moment and upload into the file.
insert image snapshot google sheet
Option 3: Click on By URL option, it will ask you to paste the URL of the image. Image will be uploaded for the pasted URL. Click Select to open the image in the file.
insert image url google sheet
Option 4: Select Your albums, it will connect with your g account. Select the required image and click Select to upload image into the spreadsheet file.
insert image your albums google sheet
Option 5: Click Google Drive option to upload image from the drive.
insert image drive google sheet
Option 6:
Step 1: Click Search option. You will get into Google search.
insert image search google sheet
Step 2: Type the required image name in the Google search box and click search icon.
insert image search google sheet1
Step 3: Choose the type of image you need. From the list select the required image and click Select.
insert image search google sheet2
The image will be uploaded into the spreadsheet file as given in the image below.
insert image search google sheet3

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