Add Borders for Cells in Google Sheets

How to add borders for cells in Google Docs Spreadsheet?


Cells can be added with different types of borders.
To add borders for the cells, follow the steps.
Step 1: Select the cells to add the borders.
cell borders google sheet
Step 2: Click on the Borders icon.
cell borders google sheet1
Step 3:Click on the downward arrow near the Borders icon and select the required border style.cell borders google sheet2
Types: There are totally nine border types. Click on the required border icon to change border of the cell.
In the below image, All Borders icon is selected.
all borders google spreadsheet
Inner borders:
inner borders google spreadsheet
Horizontal borders:
horizontal borders google spreadsheet
Vertical borders:
vertical borders google spreadsheet
Outer borders:
outer borders google spreadsheet
Left border:
left border google spreadsheet
Right border:
right border google spreadsheet
Top border:
top border google spreadsheet
Bottom border:
bottom border google spreadsheet
Clear borders: This option clears any selected border type and replaces the cell with its default border.
clear borders google spreadsheet

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