Attach and Send Link in E-mail

How to send a link (attach hyperlink) in an email using Gmail?


To insert or attach hyperlink in the gmail, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to gmail account. Click Compose and select Insert link icon.
insert link in gmail
Step 2: Edit link page opens.
In the Text to display field, type the text for the link.
Under Link to, select the type of address and add the URL. When you click Test this link, you will be taken to the selected link. Click OK to add the link.
insert link in gmail1
Step 3: Link will be added as given in the image below. To Change or Remove the link click Change or Remove. Here you can edit for the changes.
insert link in gmail2
Step 4: Now click Send to mail the link for the recipient.
insert link in gmail3

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