Open and Read Email Messages in Gmail

How to open and read full mail messages in your gmail account?


To open and read mail in your gmail account follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to your gmail account and click on the required folder to view the mail.
Inbox: By default, inbox folder will be selected which filters the mail in three categories such as Primary, Social and Promotional.
Primary: This is the default folder and contains all the valid mails.
Social: All social mails like facebook, twitter will be filtered under this category.
Promotional: All the promotional mails like new product launch etc,. will be filtered under this category.
open email in gmail
Step 2: All the Unread mails will be marked in Bold. Click on the required message to open.
open email in gmail1
Step 3: Selected Email will be opened as shown in the below image,
open email in gmail2
Starred mails:
Use the star option to mark the important messages.
To star the message, select the star button near the message. It will turn yellow.
Click Starred folder to view the starred messages.
starred emails in gmail
Sent Mail:
To view all the sent mails click Sent Mail folder.
sent mail in gmail
Saved mails will be under Drafts folder.
drafts in gmail
You can also view the mails under Important, Spams,etc,.using the More option as listed below,
more option in gmail
All Mail: To view all the mails, click All Mail folder.
Spam: Few mails may automatically sent to Spam folder. Click More and select Spam to view the mails.
Trash: Deleted message will be stored in the Trash folder.
more option in gmail1

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