Insert Google Drive Files in Gmail

How to insert and email large files using Google drive in Gmail?


Using Google drive you can send a huge set of files(if the file size exceeds 25Mb). To insert files using Google drive follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login into your gmail account and click Compose button.
Step 2: Select Google drive icon.
insert files using google drive
Step 3: Google drive window opens. Select the required file from the following category and click Insert.
My drive - It will list all the files in the Google drive.
Incoming - Shared files will be listed here.
Upload - Select the files from the local drive of the computer.
insert files using google drive1
Step 4: Files will be attached inside the text area.Click Send button.
insert files using google drive2
Step 5: When you click Send, you will get an alert message if you share the file with the recipient for the first time using Google drive. You can edit the permissions for Anyone with the link. If you like to change permissions for the recipients click More options.
insert files using google drive3
Recipient must have Google account to view or comment or edit the file.
Step 6: If you wish to share the file click Share and send or click Send without sharing.
To cancel the file share, click Cancel option.
insert files using google drive4

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