Create / Open New Gmail Account

How to create a new Gmail (Google) account?


Gmail account can be created easily with free of cost. To create gmail account you should provide your personal informations. Follow the steps below to create the new gmail account.
Step 1: Gmail can be opened using any of the following two options.
Option 1: In the address bar, type and press enter.
open gmail com
Option 2: Open the browser and type gmail in the search box. From the list of search results, click on the first link "Gmail - Google".
open gmail account
Step 2: You will be navigated to the gmail accounts page. sign up gmail account
Step 3: In the Google accounts page, click Create an account.
sign up gmail account
Step 4: In the Name field, type your first and last name. Its mandatory to provide the name to create your account.
create gmail account step1
Step 5: In Choose your username field, type the required username. You can use letters, numbers and periods.
If the given user name was used by someone before, you will get an alert message stating that "Someone already has that username". At the same time, available usernames will be suggested by google.
create gmail account step2
Choose the suggested name or type another user name.
Here, we have given "hioxsoftwares" in username wherein it was already in use and hence we changed the username to "hioxsoftwares1117" as shown below,
create gmail account step2
Step 6: In Create a password field, type your password. Your password should be more than 8 characters. In Confirm your password field retype the same password. You cannot copy and paste your password here.
create gmail account step3
Step 7: Under Birthday field, select the month from the drop down list and type the date and year. You should be 13 years and above to create your gmail account.
create gmail account step4
Step 8: In Gender field, select your Gender.
create gmail account step5
Step 9: In Mobile phone field, give your mobile number (not compulsory).
create gmail account step6
Step 10: In Your current email address field, provide your alternate email address if any or leave it empty.
create gmail account step8
Step 11: You can skip the text verification if you choose to do the mobile verification.
create gmail account step8
If not, type the number as shown in the image under the verification field.
create gmail account step8 1
Step 12: Select your location from the drop-down list under the Location field.
create gmail account step9
Step 13: Accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy policy by enabling the check box.
create gmail account step10
Step 14: Click Next step to create the new gmail account.
create gmail account step11
Step 15: Verify your account page opens. If you have not given mobile number in the gmail registration form, type your mobile number here.
If you have given mobile number while registration, by default your mobile number will be displayed as shown below.
create gmail account step12
Select Text message or Voice calls and click Continue for verification.
Step 16: Verification code will be sent to the given mobile number. Look at the message and enter the code here and then press Continue button.
create gmail account step13
Step 17: Your account has been created and "Set up your profile" page opens.
If you want to add a photo click Add a photo.
To share public contents, you will need a public Google plus profile. If you wish to Create your public Google plus profile, click Create your profile or click No thanks.
create gmail account step14
Step 18: Google Accounts page opens. Click Continue to Gmail.
create gmail account step15
Wait for few minutes to get your account loaded.create gmail account step16
Step 19:
You will get a pop up "how to use your gmail account". Click Next to view the next page or click "X" to close the pop up.
create gmail account step18
Your gmail account will be opened as given in the image below.create gmail account step17