Compose and Send an Email Using Gmail

How to compose and send an email using Gmail account?


To compose or send a mail using gmail, follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to your gmail account.
Step 2: Click Compose button.
compose email using gmail
Step 3: New message window opens in the right corner of the page.
You can minimize or view full screen window for composing new mail using the Minimize and Full screen options.
To save and close the composed mail, click "X" option in the top right corner of the new message window.
Note: All the messages you typed will be automatically saved in Drafts even if you close the window.
compose email new message window
Step 4: In To field, type the email address of the recipient.compose email to address
Step 5: In the Subject field, type the subject for the mail.compose email subject
Step 6: Type the message in the text area.
compose email type messages
You can format the size, color, font and alignment of the text message using Formatting options.
compose email text formatting
Step 7: Click Send after formatting the text.
send email using gmail
You will get an alert message for the sent mail. To view the sent message click View message.
view message after sent in gmail
You will be shown with the details of the sent mail as given in the image below,
view message after sent in gmail1

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