Site Manager - How to Manage Site Details in Filezilla

How to manage your site details in Filezilla?


Site Manager allows the client to manage and save the site details.
Step 1: To open site manager you have two options.
Option 1: Press CTRL+S or click File Site Manager
sftp connection filezilla
Option 2: Select the Site manager icon in the toolbar.
sftp connection filezilla1
Step 2: Click New site option. The site will be added under "My Sites" directory in "Select Entry".
Step 3: Rename the Site.
site manager filezilla
Step 4: Enter the details such as Host name and Port number
Step 5: Select type of protocol.
-- Choose FTP if your site is to be connected through FTP - File Transfer Protocol.
-- Choose SFTP if your site is to be connected through SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol.
Step 6:
Select the required Logon Type to store the password details.
Step 7: Click OK. Site details will be saved.
site manager filezilla3
Whenever you connect the site through site manager, it will automatically connect with the server using the provided details.

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