How To Restore Website Backup Using Filezilla?

Short Tutorial on How To Restore Website Backup Using Filezilla?

Uploading Website Backupfiles Using Filezilla

In this short tutorial, we will discuss on how to restore your website backup files using Filezilla for in a step by step procedure with pictures.
Step 1: Open Filezilla. Select File → Sitemanager
Step 2: Connect your website using the host, username, password and the port number provided to you by your hosting provider.
Step 3: Select the Public_html from the remote site panel.
Step 4: Select backup files to be restored from the local site panel.
Step 5: Right click on the backup file and select Upload.
file transfer filezilla
Step 6:
You have now successfully uploaded your backup files under public_html.
Step 7: Restore the files by extracting them.
* Zip files can be extracted directly. But .tar files cannot be extracted by you. For which you need to upload your .tar backup file and inform your hosting service provider to extract and restore the backup files for you.

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