Menus, Toolbar, Quickconnect Bar and Options

Learn about menus, toolbar, quickconnect bar and options in Filezilla


Menu and options in the FileZilla enables one to modify or adjust the overall operations of the window.
Menu bar: Menu bar is located at the top of the FileZilla window. It performs the common housing supply for the window. It includes options like File, Edit, View, Transfer, Server, Bookmark and Help.
menu bar filezilla
Toolbar: Toolbar is present right below the menu bar. It includes options like Site manager, Toggle display options for the Message log, Local directory tree, Remote directory tree and transfer queue, and also have options to refresh and Cancel the current operation etc..,
tool bar filezilla
Quickconnect bar: Quickconnect bar enables the user to connect the host to the other host (using FTP). Options included are Host, Username, Password, Port and Quick connect.
quickconnect bar filezilla
Message log: Message log portion displays the log details.
message log filezilla
Local directory tree:
Local files and folders saved in the system will be displayed in the local directory tree.
local directory tree filezilla
Remote directory tree: Files and folders in the web server will be displayed under Remote directory tree.
remote directory tree filezilla
Transfer queue: Transfer queue portion will display the status of the uploaded files and folders.transfer queue filezilla

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