Filezilla FTP Tutorial for Beginners

How to use filezilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client?


FileZilla is the worlds most popular software application used for uploading and downloading the files online. FileZilla is an open source software distributed free of charge. In this tutorial lets learn about uploading and downloading files by connecting to the server and its basics.

In short FileZilla,
- A free FTP and SFTP support software.
- Cross platform support for operating system like Windows, Linux and Mac.
- User Friendly.

FTP and FileZilla: File transfer protocol helps to transfer files from one host (FileZillla client) to the other host (FTP server) on a network.

SFTP and FileZilla: SFTP means SSH File Transfer Protocol (Secured). It provides the secured connection while transferring files from one host to an other. Its functionalities are similar to FTP, but differs only in the protocol.

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Learn How to Use Filezilla FTP Client