Set Default File Editor to Edit in Filezilla

How to set or change default file editor to edit files in FileZilla?


You can set default file editor in the FileZilla using the steps given below.
Step 1: In menu bar, click Edit Settings.
file editing filezilla
Step 2: In the Settings window, select File editing option under Select Page.
Step 3: Click Use custom editor option and choose the required editor by clicking the Browse button.
Step 4: Select Always use default editor option, to open the file every time with the selected default editor.
Step 5: "Watch locally edited file and prompt to upload modifications" option always be checked. If you disable this option, you wont get the prompt message each time when you edit and save the file.
Step 6: Click OK to set the default editor.
file editing filezilla1
Step 7: Right click on the file in the server, and select View/Edit option to edit the file.
file editing filezilla2
File will be opened with the default editor you chosen.

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