Open Multiple Links in New Tabs, Windows

How to open multiple url in new tabs and windows in firefox using multi links addon?

Steps To Follow

You can open multiple urls in a webpage in new tabs using multi links addon, to learn proceed with the following.
Open in new tabs:
By default, when you click on multiple links it will be opened in new tabs.
Step 1: Go to the site where you wish to open multiple number of links.
For example, here we have opened
select a site firefox
Step 2:
Hold the right mouse button and drag on the links which you want to open and release the mouse button.
select multi links firefox
Selected URLs will be opened in separate tabs as shown in the below image.
opened links new tabs firefox
Open in new windows:
To open multiple links in new windows proceed with the steps window.
Step 1: Go to Extensions and select Preferences near Multi Links.
select preferences firefox
Step 2: Enable Open in new windows radio button and click OK.
open in new windows firefox

Step 3: Go to a site, for example
Here right click and drag on the required box containing the links and release it.
select multi links firefox
Each link will open in separate window as shown in the image below.

Open as tabs in new window:
Using this option you can open multiple number of URLs as tabs in new window.
Step 1: Click Preferences near Multi Links addon.
Step 2: In the Multi Links Preferences window, select Open as tabs in new window and click OK.
open links new tabs firefox
Step 3:
Now go to any site and select multiple number of links.
For example,
Selected links is opened as separate tabs in new window.