Firefox Reload Override Cache Shortcut

What is the keyboard shortcut for reloading override cache in Mozilla Firefox?

Keyboard Shortcut for Reloading Override Cache in Firefox

Reload Override Cache Shortcut Key : Ctrl + F5 (or) Ctrl + Shift + R

Reload override cache

Refreshing the Page
  • In a firefox browser, we often refresh the page if the page is not loaded properly by pressing F5 or Ctrl and R keys at the same time.
  • The shortcut mentioned does not override the cache, it will reload the page with the existing cache.
Refreshing the Page Over rding Cache
  • Use the keyboard combinations Ctrl and F5 keys together or press Ctrl along with Shift and R keys al together. The page will be refreshed after overriding the cache, that is with a new reloaded or refreshed cache.
  • Below is the screenshot of this page refresh with cache override.
Reload Override Cache Firefox Shortcut

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