Deactivate Facebook Account

How to deactivate your facebook account?

Deactivate FB Account Temporarily

Facebook is an important social networking media site where many people get addicted. If you have decided to stay away from facebook then apt option is to deactivate your Facebook account. To deactivate the facebook account temporarily follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Login to your facebook account and click on the Account menu present at the top right corner.
Deactivate Fb Account
Step 2: From the menu, select Settings.
Deactivate Fb Account In Settings
Step 3: Facebook settings page opens, select Security.
Deactivate Fb Account Security
Step 4: Under Security Settings, click Edit option next to Deactivate Your Account option.
Deactivate Fb Account In Security Settings
Step 5: Click Deactivate your account.
Deactivate Facebook Account
Step 6: Select any one of the reasons to leave the facebook and click Deactivate.
How To Deactivate Facebook Account
Step 7: Once you click Deactivate, you are requested to type the password for security reasons. Type your FB login password and click Deactivate Now.
Deactivate Facebook Account Password

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