City Union Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for City Union Bank (CUB) mobile service.

CUB SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

City Union Bank

City Union Bank (CUB) SMS/mobile banking number is 9281056789

TXN <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <MPIN>View Last Transactions
BAL <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <MPIN>Check Account Balance
PIN <cust_id> <OLD MPIN> <NEW MPIN>Change Mpin
STP <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <chq_no> <MPIN>Stop Cheque Payment
REV <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <chq_no> <MPIN>Revoke Stop Payement
CHR <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <MPIN>Request Cheque Book
AST <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <st_dt> <end_dt> <MPIN>Request Account Statement
FF cust_id ANY CUSTOMER MESSAGE MPINGet Free Format Request
HELP cust_id MPIN HELP cust_id OPCODE MPIN Get Help for SMS Banking
ACC <cust_id> <a/c_type> <a/c_no> <MPIN>Change Default Account Number