How to Calculate Cubit Feet (CFT) of Wood?

Simple tutorial on calculating cubic feet or ft3 or CFT of a Wood.

Wood Cubic Feet / ft3 Calculation

CFT stands for Cubic Feet which can be expressed as ft3. Cubic feet is the unit of measurement of volume in terms of imperial unit. This unit is most commonly used in wood industry to determine the pricing of wooden planks.
How To Calculate Cft Of Wood
CFT of Wood = Length in feet x Width in feet x Thickness in feet
Cft Of Wood Formula
Let us consider an example on how to calculate the CFT of wood with the given values.
Step 1: Given that,
Length of the wood = 10 ft
Width of the wood = 4 ft
Thickness of the wood = 3 ft
Cft  Of Wood Given
Step 2: Applying the values in the formula,
CFT of Wood = 10 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft
CFT of Wood = 120 ft3

Cft Of Wood Calculation
Cubic Feet (CFT) of wood = 120 ft3
Cft Of Wood Result

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