Caramelize Sweet Potatoes

How to make caramelized sweet potatoes?

Caramelized Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Sweet potato is the root vegetable commonly used in cooking. Here is a simple tutorial to make the Caramelized Sweet Potatoes. This sugar coated, delicious recipe can be prepared in the short span of time.
Ingredients Needed
Sweet potatoes - 2
Butter - 2 table spoon
Brown Sugar - 2 table spoon
Salt - A pinch
Pepper - 1 teaspoon
Water - 2 glass
Sweet Potato Ingredients

How to Make
Step 1: Add the required amount of water in the pan to boil sweet potatoes.
Add Water Sweet Potatoes
Step 2: Add the sliced sweet potatoes.
Add Sweet Potatoes With Water
Step 3: In the closed pan, boil the sweet potatoes till it turns tender and soft.
Tender Soften Sweet Potatoes
Note: If you have excess water left after boiling the potatoes, you can remove it.
Step 4: Transfer the boiled sweet potatoes from burner and keep it aside.
Boiled Sweet Potatoes 1
Step 5: Take a medium sized saute pan and add butter. Melt the butter at low flame.
Add Butter Sweet Potatoe
Step 6: Add the boiled potatoes over the melted butter.
Add Boiled Potatoes
Step 7: Sprinkle out the brown sugar over the boiled potatoes.
Add Brown Sugar Boiled Potatoes
Step 8: Add a pinch of salt.
Add Salt Sweet Potatoes
Step 9: Add a teaspoon of pepper. Leave the sweet potatoes till it gets caramelized and turns into the Golden brown color.
Add Pepper Sweet Potatoes
Step 10: Turn off the burner and serve it hot.
Caramelized Sweet Potatoes
Serving Suggestions
Try out this simple caramelized sweet potatoes for any special occasions. You can plainly taste this mouth watering recipe.

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