Caramelize Nuts

How to make caramelized nuts?

Caramelized Nuts Recipe

Everyone of us would love to taste the crunchy caramelized nuts. This flavorsome dish is quite simple to prepare with your choice of nuts. Here we detailed the step by step process to make the caramelized nuts using the cashews and almonds.

Ingredients Needed
→ Nuts (Cashews, Almonds or Walnuts or Hazelnuts) - 3 Ounces
→ Butter - 2 teaspoon.
→ Brown Sugar - 2 tablespoon.
Caramelized Nuts Ingredients

How to Make
Step 1: Heat the butter in the non-stick pan at medium heat.
Melt Butter Nuts
Step 2: Add the nuts and stir them at low heat for 2 minutes.
Add Nuts
Step 3: Add the brown sugar over the nuts.
Add Brown Sugar Nuts
Step 4: Stir them continuously at low heat, until the sugar gets dissolved with the nuts and butter.
Saute Nuts
Step 5: Turn off the burner once if the nuts turns into golden brown color. Serve the crunchy caramelized nuts.
Caramelized Nuts
Serving Suggestions
This sweet flavored crunchy caramelized recipe can be taken along with the salads and ice creams.

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