Caramelize Bananas

How to caramelize bananas in a pan?

Caramelized Bananas Recipe

Banana is a rich and delicious fruit, which is loved and eaten by people throughout the world. You can make a simple mouth watering caramelized recipe using the ripen bananas. This step by step tutorial will help you to learn and prepare healthy caramelized bananas with few other ingredients.

Ingredients Needed
→ Butter or Olive Oil - 2 table spoon
→ Bananas - 2
White Sugar or Brown Sugar - 3 table spoon
Caramelized Bananas Ingredients

How to Make
Step 1: Slice the banana into thick pieces. You can make it into round pieces or slice it as large strips.
Sliced Bananas
Step 2: Take a non stick pan and add butter. Melt it down at medium heat.
Melted Butter Banana
Step 3: Add the bananas once if the butter gets melted.
Add Bananas
Step 4: Leave the pan at medium heat for 30 seconds. Flip the banana slices or just shake the pan to move the bananas.
Deep Fry Bananas
Step 5: Sprinkle the white or brown sugar over the sliced banana pieces. Cook until the sugar gets melted and caramelized with bananas.
Add Brown Sugar Banana
Step 7: Now serve the delicious caramelized bananas.
Caramelized Bananas
Serving Suggestions
You can serve this healthy sugar coated caramelized bananas along with the nuts, icecreams, oatmeals and wheat crepes.

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