Safety Whistle

Safety Whistle for Emergency Disaster Survival Kit

Emergency Disaster Survival Kit

Whistle is a simple tool that helps to save you in the life-threatening situation. You cannot call out people for help during calamities just by shouting aloud. So carrying a simple whistle is an inexpensive and safest choice to identify yourself. It may alert your friends or rescue team to safeguard you from the danger. While selecting your emergency whistle, keep the following things for your reference.

  • Should be Louder
  • Should be resistant in all situations
  • Should not Jam or overblown
  • Easy to Find (Use bright colours like phosphorescent green, bright orange etc.,)
Whistle Disaster Preparedness

Make sure you have a pealess safety whistle in your disaster emergency survival kit.
(Note: Normal human voice is 42db at a distance of 24 feet. While the whistle loudness can reach upto 118 to 120db when you blow it normally.)

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