Axis Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Axis Bank mobile service.

Axis Bank SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Axis Bank

Axis Bank SMS/mobile banking number is 9717000002

BAL <>Check Account Balance
MINI <> View Last Three Transactions
MBANK Download Mobile App
ATM <Pincode> Find Nearest ATMs
GREEN <Email Id> Register for e Statement
ESTMT <last_5_digits of> <From Date> <To Date>Demand e Statement
UPDATEM <valid Email ID> Update Email ID
CHQBK <Last_6_digit of a/c No.> Request Cheque Book
CHQST <6_digit of Cheque No.> <Last_6_digit of the A/c No.> Check Issued Cheque Status
STOPCHQ <6 digit of Cheque No.> <Last 6 digit of the A/c No.> <3 digit reason code>Stop Cheque Request
FT <Payee Axis Bank A/C no.> <amt> <last_6_digits of your A/C no.>Transfer Funds within Bank
IMPS <Ben A/C no.> <Benf IFS code> <amt> <last 6 digits of your Axis Bank A/C no.>Get IMPS through IFS, Account Number
IMPSU <Benf Aadhaar no.> <amt> <last 6 digits of your A/C no.>Get IMPS through Aadhaar Number
MOBILE <mobile no> <operator name> <amt> <last_6_digits of your acct no.> Get Mobile Top up
DTH <Customer ID> <operator name> <amt> < last_6_digits of your accno.> Get DTH Recharge
DATA <Data card no> <operator> <amt> <last_6_digits of your> Get Data Card Recharge
Aadhaar <Aadhaar no.> <last_6_digits of Acc no.>Link Aadhaar Number with Account
PAMB <last_6_digits of> Know Projected Average Monthly Balance
PAQB <last_6_digits of>Know Projected Average Quarterly Balance
PHAB <last_6_digits of> Know Projected Average Half Yearly Balance
Lock <9 digit Cust ID>Block Internet Banking