apt-get remove lzma

How do you remove lzma in Linux / UNIX using apt-get command?

How to Uninstall lzma in Linux with apt-get?

apt-get remove lzma -y

Remove Lzma  Remove Command

Here is the tutorial to learn how to uninstall lzma with apt-get command.

Step 1: Open a terminal with 'su' access and enter the command as shown below.
apt-get remove lzma -y

Step 2: The command reads the package lists and proceeds with the uninstallation.

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

root@hiox:~ apt-get remove lzma -y
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
libgtk2.0 common libgsf 1 common hicolor icon theme ttf dejavu extra
libwebkit 1.0 common gcj 4.4 base libpthread stubs0 libbonobo2 common
gnome mime data iso codes ttf dejavu core libx11 data libasm2 java
default jdk doc x11proto xinerama dev x11proto render dev java common
libjs prototype libthai data x11proto kb dev x11proto randr dev cpu checker
xkb data libavahi common data xbitmaps x11proto input dev libjetty java doc
mingw32 runtime libjs scriptaculous console terminus espeak data manpages
esound common geoip database mime support ttf dejavu libgnomeui common
wwwconfig common tsconf libwnck common openjdk 6 doc linux libc dev
manpages dev libbonoboui2 common mysql common x11proto core dev
javascript common libpthread stubs0 dev libgnomecanvas2 common
libjs mootools
Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.
The following packages will be REMOVED:
adduser ant ant gcj ant optional ant optional gcj apache2
apache2 mpm prefork apache2 utils apache2.2 bin apache2.2 common apt
apt utils aptitude aspell aspell en avahi daemon base files base passwd bash
bind9 host binfmt support binutils bsd mailx bsdmainutils bsdutils
busybox initramfs byobu bzip2 ca certificates ca certificates java
cli common console setup consolekit coreutils cpio cpp cpp 4.4 cron cvs dash
dbus dbus x11 debconf debconf i18n debianutils default jdk default jre
default jre headless defoma dhcp3 client dhcp3 common dictionaries common
diffutils dmidecode dmsetup dnsutils docbook xml dosfstools dpkg dvb apps
e2fslibs e2fsprogs eject esound clients espeak fakeroot fancontrol ffmpeg
file findutils fontconfig fontconfig config fuse utils g++ g++ 4.4 gamin
gawk gcc gcc 4.4 gcj 4.4 jre lib gconf2 gconf2 common gettext gettext base
ghostscript gnome doc utils gnome icon theme gnome keyring gnupg gnupg curl
gpgv grep groff base grub grub common gsfonts gvfs gvfs backends gzip hdparm
hostname html2text hunspell en us icedtea 6 jre cacao icedtea netx ifupdown
indicator application info initramfs tools initramfs tools bin initscripts
insserv install info intltool debian iproute iptables iputils ping javahelp2
jetty jruby1.1 jsvc junit junit4 kbd language pack en language pack en base
laptop detect launchpad integration less lib32asound2 lib32bz2 1.0 lib32gcc1
lib32ncurses5 lib32stdc++6 lib32v4l 0 lib32z1 libacl1 libao2
libapache2 mod php5 libappframework java libappindicator0 libapr1
libaprutil1 libaprutil1 dbd sqlite3 libaprutil1 ldap libarchive1
libart 2.0 2 libart2.0 cil libasound2 libaspell15 libatasmart4 libatk1.0 0
libatk1.0 data libatk1.0 dev libatm1 libattr1 libaudio2 libaudiofile0
libavahi client3 libavahi common3 libavahi compat libdnssd1 libavahi core6
libavahi glib1 libavcodec52 libavdevice52 libavfilter0 libavformat52
libavutil49 libbeansbinding java libbind9 60 libblkid1 libbluetooth3
libbonobo2 0 libbonoboui2 0 libboost filesystem1.40.0
libboost program options1.40.0 libboost system1.40.0 libboost thread1.40.0
libbsd0 libbz2 1.0 libc dev bin libc6 libc6 dev libc6 i386 libcairo2
libcairo2 dev libcanberra gtk module libcanberra gtk0 libcanberra0 libcap2
libcdio cdda0 libcdio paranoia0 libcdio10 libcelt0 0 libck connector0
libclass accessor perl libcobertura java libcomerr2
libcommons beanutils java libcommons collections3 java
libcommons compress java libcommons daemon java libcommons digester java
libcommons logging java libcommons net java libcroco3 libcue1 libcups2
libcupsimage2 libcurl3 gnutls libcurses perl libcwidget3 libdaemon0
libdate manip perl libdatrie1 libdb je java libdb4.7 java libdb4.7 java gcj
libdb4.8 libdbd mysql perl libdbi perl libdbus 1 3 libdbus 1 dev
libdbus glib 1 2 libdbus glib 1 dev libdbusmenu glib1 libdbusmenu gtk1
libdc1394 22 libdevmapper1.02.1 libdirectfb 1.2 0 libdirectfb dev
libdirectfb extra libdns64 libdotconf1.0 libdrm intel1 libdrm nouveau1
libdrm radeon1 libdrm2 libedit2 libeggdbus 1 0 libenchant1c2a libept0
libesd0 libespeak1 libevent 1.4 2 libexif12 libexpat1 libexpat1 dev libfaad2
libffi5 libfile copy recursive perl libflac8 libfontconfig1
libfontconfig1 dev libfontenc1 libforms1 libfreemarker java libfreetype6
libfreetype6 dev libfribidi0 libfuse2 libg15 1 libg15daemon client1
libg15render1 libgail18 libgamin0 libgcc1 libgcj bc libgcj common libgcj10
libgconf2 4 libgconf2.0 cil libgcr0 libgcrypt11 libgd2 xpm libgdbm3
libgdiplus libgdu0 libgeoip1 libgif4 libgl1 mesa dri libgl1 mesa glx
libglade2 0 libglade2.0 cil libglib2.0 0 libglib2.0 cil libglib2.0 data
libglib2.0 dev libglu1 mesa libgluezilla libgmp3c2 libgnome keyring0
libgnome vfs2.0 cil libgnome2 0 libgnome2 common libgnome2.24 cil
libgnomecanvas2 0 libgnomeui 0 libgnomevfs2 0 libgnomevfs2 common
libgnutls26 libgomp1 libgp11 0 libgpg error0 libgpgme11 libgphoto2 2
libgphoto2 port0 libgpm2 libgs8 libgsf 1 114 libgsm1 libgssapi krb5 2
libgssglue1 libgstreamer plugins base0.10 0 libgstreamer0.10 0 libgtk2.0 0
libgtk2.0 bin libgtk2.0 cil libgtk2.0 dev libgtkspell0 libgudev 1.0 0
libgvfscommon0 libhal storage1 libhal1 libhamcrest java
libhtml template perl libhunspell 1.2 0 libice dev libice6 libiceutil33
libicu42 libicu4j java libid3tag0 libidl0 libidn11 libimobiledevice0
libindicator0 libini4j java libio multiplex perl libio socket inet6 perl
libio string perl libisc60 libisccc60 libisccfg60 libiw dev libiw30 libjack0
libjasper1 libjaxp1.3 java libjetty java libjline java libjna java libjpeg62
libjpeg62 dev libjsch java libjson glib 1.0 0 libjtidy java libjzlib java
libk5crypto3 libkeyutils1 libkrb5 3 libkrb5support0
liblaunchpad integration1 liblcms1 libldap 2.4 2 liblocale gettext perl
liblockfile1 liblog log4perl perl liblog4j1.2 java libltdl7 liblucene2 java
liblwres60 liblzma1 liblzo2 2 libmad0 libmagic1 libmagickcore2
libmagickwand2 libmail sendmail perl libmcrypt4 libmetacity private0
libmhash2 libmms0 libmng1 libmono accessibility1.0 cil
libmono accessibility2.0 cil libmono addins gui0.2 cil libmono addins0.2 cil
libmono bytefx0.7.6.1 cil libmono bytefx0.7.6.2 cil libmono c5 1.0 cil
libmono cairo1.0 cil libmono cairo2.0 cil libmono cecil private cil
libmono cil dev libmono corlib1.0 cil libmono corlib2.0 cil
libmono cscompmgd7.0 cil libmono cscompmgd8.0 cil libmono data tds1.0 cil
libmono data tds2.0 cil libmono data1.0 cil libmono data2.0 cil
libmono db2 1.0 cil libmono dev libmono getoptions1.0 cil
libmono getoptions2.0 cil libmono i18n west1.0 cil libmono i18n west2.0 cil
libmono i18n1.0 cil libmono i18n2.0 cil libmono ldap1.0 cil
libmono ldap2.0 cil libmono management2.0 cil
libmono messaging rabbitmq2.0 cil libmono messaging2.0 cil
libmono microsoft build2.0 cil libmono microsoft7.0 cil
libmono microsoft8.0 cil libmono npgsql1.0 cil libmono npgsql2.0 cil
libmono oracle1.0 cil libmono oracle2.0 cil libmono peapi1.0 cil
libmono peapi2.0 cil libmono posix1.0 cil libmono posix2.0 cil
libmono rabbitmq2.0 cil libmono relaxng1.0 cil libmono relaxng2.0 cil
libmono security1.0 cil libmono security2.0 cil libmono sharpzip0.6 cil
libmono sharpzip0.84 cil libmono sharpzip2.6 cil libmono sharpzip2.84 cil
libmono simd2.0 cil libmono sqlite1.0 cil libmono sqlite2.0 cil
libmono system data1.0 cil libmono system data2.0 cil
libmono system ldap1.0 cil libmono system ldap2.0 cil
libmono system messaging1.0 cil libmono system messaging2.0 cil
libmono system runtime1.0 cil libmono system runtime2.0 cil
libmono system web mvc1.0 cil libmono system web1.0 cil
libmono system web2.0 cil libmono system1.0 cil libmono system2.0 cil
libmono wcf3.0 cil libmono webbrowser0.5 cil libmono winforms1.0 cil
libmono winforms2.0 cil libmono0 libmono1.0 cil libmono2.0 cil libmpcdec3
libmpdclient2 libmpfr1ldbl libmpg123 0 libmtp8 libmysqlclient16
libnb apisupport1 java libnb ide12 java libnb java3 java
libnb javaparser java libnb platform devel java libnb platform11 java
libnb svnclientadapter java libncurses5 libncursesw5 libneon27 gnutls
libnet cidr perl libnet daemon perl libnet server perl libnet snmp perl
libnewt0.52 libnfsidmap2 libnih dbus1 libnih1 libnm glib2 libnm util1
libnotify dev libnotify1 libnspr4 0d libnspr4 dev libnss mdns libnss3 1d
libnss3 dev libntfs 3g75 libntfs10 libnunit cil dev libnunit2.4 cil libogg0
liboil0.3 libopenobex1 liborbit2 liboro java libpam ck connector
libpam gnome keyring libpam modules libpam runtime libpam0g libpango1.0 0
libpango1.0 common libpango1.0 dev libpaper utils libpaper1
libparse debianchangelog perl libparted0debian1 libpcre3 libpcrecpp0
libpcsclite1 libperl5.10 libpixman 1 0 libpixman 1 dev libpkcs11 helper1
libplist1 libplrpc perl libplymouth2 libpng12 0 libpng12 dev
libpolkit agent 1 0 libpolkit backend 1 0 libpolkit gobject 1 0 libpopt0
libportaudio2 libpostproc51 libpq5 libprotobuf5 libproxy0 libpth20 libpulse0
libpython2.6 libqt4 dbus libqt4 network libqt4 opengl libqt4 sql
libqt4 sql mysql libqt4 sql sqlite libqt4 svg libqt4 xml libqtcore4
libqtgui4 libradius1 librarian0 libraw1394 11 libreadline6 libregexp java
libresid builder0c2a librpcsecgss3 librrd4 librrds perl librsvg2 2
librsvg2 common libsamplerate0 libsasl2 2 libsasl2 modules
libschroedinger 1.0 0 libsdl1.2debian libsdl1.2debian alsa libselinux1
libsensors4 libsepol1 libservlet2.3 java libservlet2.4 java
libservlet2.5 java libsexy2 libsgutils2 2 libshout3 libsidplay2
libsigc++ 2.0 0c2a libslang2 libslf4j java libsm dev libsm6 libsmbclient
libsndfile1 libsnmp session perl libsocket6 perl libsoup gnome2.4 1
libsoup2.4 1 libspeechd2 libspeex1 libspeexdsp1 libsqlite0 libsqlite3 0
libss2 libssl0.9.8 libstartup notification0 libstdc++6 libstdc++6 4.4 dev
libsub name perl libsvn java libsvn1 libswing layout java
libswingworker java libswingx java libswscale0 libsys hostname long perl
libsysfs dev libsysfs2 libtag1 vanilla libtag1c2a libtagc0 libtalloc2
libtasn1 3 libtdb1 libtext charwidth perl libtext iconv perl
libtext wrapi18n perl libthai0 libtheora0 libtiff4 libtimedate perl
libts 0.0 0 libudev0 libunique 1.0 0 libusb 0.1 4 libusb 1.0 0 libusbmuxd1
libuuid1 libv4l 0 libvorbis0a libvorbisenc2 libvorbisfile3 libwavpack1
libwbclient0 libwebkit 1.0 2 libwnck22 libwrap0 libx11 6 libx11 dev
libxapian15 libxau dev libxau6 libxaw7 libxcb atom1 libxcb aux0
libxcb event1 libxcb render util0 libxcb render util0 dev libxcb render0
libxcb render0 dev libxcb1 libxcb1 dev libxcomposite dev libxcomposite1
libxcursor dev libxcursor1 libxdamage dev libxdamage1 libxdmcp dev libxdmcp6
libxerces2 java libxext dev libxext6 libxfixes dev libxfixes3 libxfont1
libxft dev libxft2 libxi dev libxi6 libxinerama dev libxinerama1
libxml commons resolver1.1 java libxml2 libxml2 utils libxmu6 libxmuu1
libxpm4 libxrandr dev libxrandr2 libxrender dev libxrender1 libxres1
libxslt1.1 libxt dev libxt6 libxtst6 libxv1 libxxf86dga1 libxxf86vm1
libyaml syck perl libzeroc ice33 linux image 2.6.32 33 virtual
linux image virtual lm sensors locales lockfile progs login logrotate lrzsz
lsb base lsb release lzma makedev mawk mercurial common metacity common
mingw32 binutils mktemp module init tools mono 2.0 devel mono 2.0 gac
mono csharp shell mono devel mono gac mono gmcs mono runtime monodoc base
mount mountall munin common munin node mysql client 5.1
mysql client core 5.1 mysql server 5.1 mysql server core 5.1
nagios plugins basic nagios3 nagios3 cgi nagios3 common nagios3 core
ncurses base ncurses bin net tools netbase netcat openbsd netcat traditional
notification daemon ntfs 3g ntfsprogs ntpdate obex data server openjdk 6 jdk
openjdk 6 jre openjdk 6 jre headless openjdk 6 jre lib openssh client
openssh server openssl openssl blacklist openvpn openvpn blacklist os prober
passwd patch perl perl base perl modules perl tk php5 php5 cli php5 common
php5 mysql pkg config plymouth plymouth theme ubuntu text po debconf
policykit 1 policykit 1 gnome portmap postfix powermgmt base procps
psfontmgr psmisc python python apt python cairo python central python dbus
python gconf python glade2 python gnome2 python gnomecanvas python gobject
python gtk2 python libxml2 python minimal python newt python pyorbit
python support python2.6 python2.6 minimal radiusclient1 rarian compat
readline common rrdtool rsyslog samba common samba common bin screen
scrollkeeper sed sgml base sgml data shared mime info smbclient
speech dispatcher ssh ssl cert subversion sudo sysv rc sysvinit utils tar
tasksel tasksel data tcpd tzdata tzdata java ubuntu keyring ubuntu minimal
ucf udev udisks unzip update inetd update notifier common upstart ureadahead
usbmuxd util linux vim vim common vim runtime vim tiny wget whiptail
x ttcidfont conf x11 common x11 utils x11proto composite dev
x11proto damage dev x11proto fixes dev x11proto xext dev xauth
xfonts encodings xfonts utils xml core xsltproc xterm xtrans dev
xulrunner 1.9.2 xulrunner 1.9.2 dev xz utils zip zlib1g zlib1g dev
WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed.
This should NOT be done unless you know exactly what you are doing!
apt libc6 (due to apt) libgcc1 (due to apt) libstdc++6 (due to apt)
base files base passwd (due to base files) libpam modules (due to
base files) bash debianutils (due to bash) dash (due to bash) libncurses5
(due to bash) bsdutils coreutils libacl1 (due to coreutils) libattr1 (due to
coreutils) libselinux1 (due to coreutils) diffutils dpkg lzma (due to dpkg)
e2fsprogs e2fslibs (due to e2fsprogs) libblkid1 (due to e2fsprogs)
libcomerr2 (due to e2fsprogs) libss2 (due to e2fsprogs) libuuid1 (due to
e2fsprogs) util linux (due to e2fsprogs) findutils grep gzip hostname
upstart (due to hostname) login libpam0g (due to login) libpam runtime (due
to login) mount libsepol1 (due to mount) ncurses base ncurses bin perl base
python minimal python2.6 minimal (due to python minimal) sed install info
(due to sed) tar lsb base (due to util linux) tzdata (due to util linux)
libslang2 (due to util linux) zlib1g (due to util linux)
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 855 to remove and 3 not upgraded.
After this operation, 1,583MB disk space will be freed.

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