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Man Zhcon  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man zhcon in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man zhcon

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

zhcon(1)                       zhcon user manual                      zhcon(1)

Zhcon a fast CJK console environment for GNU/Linux and BSD

zhcon [prog]

Zhcon is a fast Linux Console Chinese System which supports framebuffer
device.It can display Chinese, Japanese or Korean double byte charac
ters.Supported language encodings include: GB2312, GBK, BIG5, JIS and
KSC. It can also use input methods(table based) from M$ pwin98 and

* Features include:

* Full support for Linux FrameBuffer device(from 640x480x8bpp to

* Multiple language support (GB2312, GBK, BIG5, JIS, KSCM)

* Gpm mouse support under GNU/Linux (in progress)

* Mouse support under FreeBSD (finished)

* Auto detect and convert between GB2312 and BIG5 encoding(like hztty)

* Hot key to change language encoding on the fly

* Can use input method from M$Pwin98 or UCDOS for M$ DOG

If a command line argument (prog) is given, zhcon will run this program
on start instead of a shell and quit when that program exits. For
zhcon screen
will run screen on start

On startup, zhcon first try to load configuration from ~/.zhconrc.If
failed, it will use /etc/zhcon.conf by default.The configure file has
many options that control the behavior of zhcon.See the comments in the
file for instruction on customizing zhcon.Comprehensive document can be
found in doc/ directory of source package.

CTRL_ALT_H: active online help
ALT_SPACE: open/close CJK mode
CTRL_SPACE: open/close input method
ALT_SPACE: show/hide input bar
CTRL_,: toggle Full/Half char mode
CTRL_.: toggle Chinese symbol
CTRL_F1: set encode to GB2312
CTRL_F2: set encode to GBK
CTRL_F3: set encode to BIG5
CTRL_F4: set encode to JIS
CTRL_F5: set encode to KSCM
CTRL_F7: toggle between nativebar and overspot input style
CTRL_F9: toggle GB2312/BIG5 auto detect mode
CTRL_F10: menu mode
CTRL_ALT_1 CTRL_ALT_9: switch to input method 1 to 9
CTRL_ALT_0: English mode

History mode keys:
SHIFT_PAGEUP: scroll up half screen in history
SHIFT_PAGEDOWN: scroll down half screen in history
SHIFT_ARROWUP: scroll up one line in history
SHIFT_ARROWDOWN: scroll down one in history

Hu Yong
Rick Lei

This manpage is written by ejoy.

Chinese zhcon 0.2.6 zhcon(1)

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