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Man Typespeed  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man typespeed in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man typespeed

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

typespeed(6)                         Games                        typespeed(6)

typespeed Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS.

typespeed [OPTION]

Typespeed gives your fingers' cps (total and correct), typoratio and
some points to compare with your friends.

Typespeed's idea is ripped from ztspeed (a dos game made by Zorlim).
Idea of the game should be clear to anyone, just type and type it fast
or be a loser.

The basics are simple: words, which are extracted out of a specified
word list, fly from the left to the right. Your task is in any case to
write them down before they reach the right side and disappear, in
which case your miss counter will be increased. Should you have missed
10 words, the game will end. Each correct input will increase your high
score, where one character of the word is exactly one point, i.e. a
longer word results in more points. Your total CPS and your correct CPS
are displayed during game play. Total CPS means all your input, whereas
correct CPS only counts characters, that you have entered to write a
correct word. To enter the words, you can also use emacs like control
sequences (^A jumps to the beginning of the string, ^B goes back one
character, ^E jumps to the end of string, ^F moves cursor one position
to the left (except cursor is at end of string), ^K deletes all charac
ters behind cursor, ^U clears input field). Should you have enabled
cheat mode (you can see CHE in status line then), you don't have to
complete your input by pressing ENTER or SPACE.

If you have played typespeed with these default rules far too long and
you want something new, you can create your own rule sets! There are
three rule sets supplied since 0.6.1:

The first rule contains default settings. You can play this mode when
you don't supply any options and just start the game. In this mode,
speed will increase whenever you enter a correct word. At the end of
the game, you can get a rank in your top 10 list for the specified word

Settings have changed in 0.6.0. If you want to play with old rules
(typespeed 0.4.4 0.5.3), you can choose classic.

The third rule set is training speed won't increase.

If you have other ideas, you can supply your own rule set or change the
settings in menu "Game Rules". Feel free to send in some fancy rules.

Also, you can play typespeed in multiplayer. In this mode you can play
against one opponent over TCP/IPv4. Both sides can choose a word list,
should you type in a correct word and your opponent can handle more
words (based upon his current stat), there is a possibility that your
typed word will be thrown into his game. But remember, the same goes
for you! In this mode, no rank can be achieved in your (or opponent's)
top 10 list. During multiplayer, you cannot press CURSOR UP to pause
the game, instead CURSOR UP will immediately result in a game over. You
cannot play custom rule sets in multiplayer.

This will enable the cheat, which wraps words instantly when
they are written correctly. You don't need to press space/enter.
It is another question if this "cheat" actually helps...

Start typespeed in client mode (where addr is network address of
server) Typespeed will try to connect to the given address and
start network play.

For debugging purposes. The whole network data is written into
file. If you have issues with network gaming, attach this file
to a bug report mail.

Turns off the curses colors. It can be a more clear way to play
the game in some situations.

Tells what TCP/IPv4 port will typespeed be using in the network
play. The default port is 6025.

Start typespeed in server mode. Typespeed will wait for other
player to connect.

help Little explanation of the parameters.



In these files, you can specify the location of directories for game
rules and word lists. You can also activate cheat mode in these files
if you write "cheat = yes". If you create a configuration file in your
home directory, you must also create a file called $HOME/.type
speed/score. All your personal high scores are stored in this file, not
anymore in system wide high score file. This is needed to prevent mali
cious users to pretend to have 1000 points in e.g. words.eng whereby
directory for word lists has been changed. In order to compete with
system wide users, you have to remove your personal configuration file.

If you would like to create your own word list, you have to follow
these simple rules:

The first line contains the description that will be listed in word
list selection menu. You cannot use more than 60 characters.

A word list must consist of at least 22 different words, i.e. no dupli
cated words. The words must not be longer than 19 characters. Should
they be longer, they won't be parsed; instead they are silently
dropped. Words must not contain escape sequences, tabs or spaces. These
words will be dropped, too.

Blank lines will be ignored.

If you would like to see your created word list included into next
release, please send me an e mail (

Do not use typespeed version 0.5.2 or higher with a version < 0.5.2.
The usage of network control words has been changed, so you could not
end games.

If you have used typespeed < 0.6.0 and you wish to use your high scores
in newer versions, you have to convert them into new format. convert
can be used for this task. convert takes two arguments: the old high
score directory and the new high score file. Due to changed high score
file format, it is expected that converted scores (especially cps) dif

Written by Jani Ollikainen , Jaakko Manelius
, and Tobias Stoeckmann .

Report bugs to .

Copyright (C) 1999 2003 Jani Ollikainen
Jaakko Manelius

Copyright (C) 2006 2007 Tobias Stoeckmann

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.

typespeed v0.6.5 August 2008 typespeed(6)

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