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Ubuntu Man Command : man rancid

Man Rancid  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man rancid in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man rancid

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

rancid(1)                                                            rancid(1)

rancid Cisco configuration filter

rancid [ dlV] ( f filename | hostname)

rancid is a perl(1) script which uses the login scripts (see clogin(1))
to login to a device, execute commands to display the configuration,
etc, then filters the output for formatting, security, and so on.
rancid's product is a file with the name of it's last argument plus the
suffix .new. For example,

There are complementary scripts for other platforms and/or
manufacturers that are supported by rancid(1). Briefly, these are:

agmrancid Cisco Anomaly Guard Module (AGM)

arancid Alteon WebOS switches

brancid Bay Networks (nortel)

cat5rancid Cisco catalyst switches

cssrancid Cisco content services switches

erancid ADC kentrox EZ T3 mux

f10rancid Force10

f5rancid F5 BigIPs

fnrancid Fortinet Firewalls

francid Foundry and HP procurve OEMs of Foundry

hrancid HP Procurve Switches

htranicd Hitachi Routers

jerancid Juniper Networks E series

jrancid Juniper Networks

mrancid MRTd

nrancid Netscreen firewalls

nsrancid Netscaler

nxrancid Cisco Nexus boxes

prancid Procket Networks

rivrancid Riverstone

rrancid Redback

srancid SMC switch (some Dell OEMs)

trancid Netopia sDSL/T1 routers

tntrancid Lucent TNT

xrancid Extreme switches

zrancid Zebra routing software

The command line options are as follows:

V Prints package name and version strings.

d Display debugging information.

l Display somewhat less debugging information.

f rancid should interpret the next argument as a filename which
contains the output it would normally collect from the device (
hostname) with clogin(1).

control_rancid(1), clogin(1), rancid.conf(5)

For Catalyst switches running CatOS, type cat5, the prompt must end
with '>'. clogin(1) looks for '>' to determine when a login is
successful. For example:

cat5k> enable
cat5k> (enable)

rancid works on Cisco Catalyst 1900 series switches that are running
Enterprise Edition software. This software provides a menu at
connection time that allows a command line interface to be used by
entering 'K' at the prompt.

27 February 2008 rancid(1)

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