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Ubuntu Man Command : man qiv

Man Qiv  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man qiv in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man qiv

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

qiv(1)                              X Tools                             qiv(1)

qiv a fast gdk/imlib image viewer for X.

Version: 2.2.2, released on 2009 05 30
by Andy Spiegl
originally by Adam Kopacz / KLOGRAFX.DE Network

qiv [options] file ...

qiv is an image viewer developed with gdk/imlib. As a result, qiv is
faster than traditional image viewers such as xv or xli.

h, help
Print out a brief help message.

display disp
Open qiv window on display disp.

F, file file | stdin
Read file names from file or stdin, one name per line. This
option can be specified multiple times to read from several
files, and will not affect other file names passed on the com
mand line.

u, recursivedir
Change the behavior of qiv to recursively descend into the
directories given on the command line.

e, center
Disable window centering.

w, fixed_width x
Window with fixed width x.

W, fixed_zoom x.
Window with fixed zoom factor (percentage x).

x, root file
Set file as the current desktop background (centered) and exit.

y, root_t file
Set file as the current desktop background (tiled) and exit.

z, root_s file
Set file as the current desktop background (stretched) and exit.

m, maxpect
Expand image(s) to fit screen size while preserving aspect

t, scale_down
Shrink image(s) which are larger than screen size to fit.

b, brightness x
Set brightness to x ( 32..32).

c, contrast x
Set contrast to x ( 32..32).

g, gamma x
Set gamma to x ( 32..32).

n, no_filter
Disable filtering of images by extension. Normally, qiv will
only load images with an image extension such as .jpg, .png,
.gif ... This option lets you load any file as an image.

i, no_statusbar
Disable statusbar.

I, statusbar
Enable statusbar.

p, transparency
Enable transparency for transparent images.

a, do_grab
Grab the pointer in windowed mode.

G, disable_grab
Disable grabbing the pointer/kbd in fullscreen mode. Useful e.g.
if qiv displays images on a display other than where it was
invoked from. Use with caution!

v, version
Print version information.

o, bg_color x
Set root background color to named color x or 24 bit hex RGB
triple in the format

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