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Ubuntu Man Command : man obextool

Man Obextool  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man obextool in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man obextool

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

OBEXTOOL(1)                                                                 User Commands                                                                OBEXTOOL(1)

Obextool a graphical frontend to browse obex file systems

obextool [opt arg]...

ObexTool is a graphical frontend to communicate with mobiles and other devices capable of communicating via Obex Protocol. The main goal was to create a
OpenSource version of a software, which is able to communicate with mobiles and other communication devices using a standard communication protocol. Files
can be uploaded to the mobile device, downloaded, renamed, copied, moved and deleted. Detailed file properties may be displayed using the internal text
viewer or will pop up automatically in the icon view. Files can be searched through the whole diretory tree using wildcards and pattern matching. A memory
usage indicator (at the lower right corner) and a corresponding command inform the user about the actual memory state.



obexcmd obexftp wrapper command

obexdir obextool main directory

obexcfg obextool config directory

memstat active

debug level

Use the environment value OBEXTOOL to define an ObexTool main default directory ( obexdir), OBEXCMD to define an obexftp default command string
( obexcmd) and OBEXTOOL_CFG to define a default config directory ( obexcfg).

Use help for detailed information.

Written by Gerhard Reithofer. Manpage created by Alessandro Tanasi.

(c) Gerhard Reithofer, Techn EDV Reithofer, 2003 2005 ObexTool is licensed using the GNU General Public Licence, see

obextool browse obex file systems June 2007 OBEXTOOL(1)

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