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Ubuntu Man Command : man ntop

Man Ntop  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man ntop in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man ntop

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

NTOP(8)                                                                                                                                                      NTOP(8)

ntop display top network users

ntop [@filename] [ a| access log file <path>] [ b| disable decoders] [ c| sticky hosts] [ e| max table rows] [ f| traffic dump file file>] [ g| track
local hosts] [ h| help] [ j| create other packets] [ l| pcap log <path>] [ m| local subnets <addresses>] [ n| numeric ip addresses] [ o| no mac]
[ p| protocols <list>] [ q| create suspicious packets] [ r| refresh time <number>] [ s| no promiscuous] [ t| trace level <number>] [ x
<max_num_hash_entries>] [ w| http server <port>] [ z| disable sessions] [ A| set admin password password] [ B| filter expression expression] [ C <config Äê
mode>] [ D| domain <name>] [ F| flow spec <specs>] [ M| no interface merge] [ N| wwn map <path>] [ O| output packet path <path>] [ P| db file path
<path>] [ Q| spool file path <path>] [ U| mapper <URL>] [ V| version] [ X <max_num_TCP_sessions>] [ disable instantsessionpurge] [ disable mutexex Äê
trainfo] [ disable schedyield] [ disable stopcap] [ fc only] [ instance] [ no fc] [ no invalid lun] [ p3p cp] [ p3p uri] [ skip version check]
[ w3c] [ 4| ipv4] [ 6| ipv6]

Unix options:

[ d| daemon] [ i| interface <name>] [ u| user <user>] [ K| enable debug] [ L] [ pcap_setnonblock] [ use syslog= <facility>] [ webserver queue <num Äê

Windows option:

[ i| interface <number|name>]

OpenSSL options:

[ W| https server <port>] [ ssl watchdog]

ntop shows the current network usage. It displays a list of hosts that are currently using the network and reports information concerning the (IP and non IP)
traffic generated and received by each host. ntop may operate as a front end collector (sFlow and/or netFlow plugins) or as a stand alone collector/display
program. A web browser is needed to access the information captured by the ntop program.

ntop is a hybrid layer 2 / layer 3 network monitor, that is by default it uses the layer 2 Media Access Control (MAC) addresses AND the layer 3 tcp/ip
addresses. ntop is capable of associating the two, so that ip and non ip traffic (e.g. arp, rarp) are combined for a complete picture of network activity.

The text of filename is copied ignoring line breaks and comment lines (anything following a

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