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Ubuntu Man Command : man ktouch

Man Ktouch  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man ktouch in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man ktouch

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

KTOUCH(1)                                                                 KDE User's Manual                                                                KTOUCH(1)

ktouch a typing tutor for KDE

ktouch [URL] [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]

KTouch is a program for learning touch typing. It helps you learn to type on a keyboard quickly and correctly. Every finger has it's place on the keyboard
with associated keys to press.

KTouch helps you learn to touch type by providing you with text to train on, and adjusts to different levels depending on how good you are. It can display
which key to press next, and correct finger to use.

This application is part of the official KDE edutainment module.

URL The training file to open

More detailed user documentation is available from help:/ktouch (either enter this URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/ktouch).

There is also further information available at the KDE edutainment website:

KTouch was written by Haavard Froeiland and Andreas Nicolai .This manual page based on the one
prepared for Debian by Ben Burton

Ben Burton.

K Desktop Environment 30 May, 2005 KTOUCH(1)

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