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Ubuntu Man Command : man jxplorer

Man Jxplorer  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man jxplorer in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man jxplorer

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

jxplorer(1)                                                        JXplorer   A Java LDAP Browser                                                        jxplorer(1)

jxplorer A Java LDAP Browser


JXplorer is an open source Java application that allows you to browse and search any LDAP directory.

This manual page provides some information about JXplorer project and it was written for the Debian distribution because JXplorer does not have a manual

jxplorer command is a wrapper script that calls Java with the correct ClassPath, Jarfile and Main Class.

Under this directory, jxplorer saves user specific settings like connections to directory servers.

If you need any help, use the Help option on the menu bar.

JXplorer project is well documented at

January 2, 2010 jxplorer(1)

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