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Man Page for jsvc in Linux

Ubuntu Man Command : man jsvc

Man Jsvc  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man jsvc in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man jsvc

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

JSVC(1)                                                                    Jakarta project                                                                   JSVC(1)

jsvc application to launch java daemon

jsvc [ jvm JVM name] [ classpath path] [ cp path] [ home directory] [ version] [ help] [ ?] [ nodetach] [ debug] [ check] [ user user] [ wait waittime]
[ stop] [ verbose:class|gc|jni] [ outfile /full/path/to/file] [ errfile /full/path/to/file] [ pidfile /full/path/to/file] [ Dproperty=value] [ Xoption]

jsvc executes classfile that implements a Daemon interface.

jvm JVM name
use a specific Java Virtual Machine.

cp/ classpath directory and zip/jar files
set search path for service classes and resouces

home directory
set the path of your JDK or JRE installation (or set the JAVA_HOME environment variable)

show the current Java environment version (to check correctness of home and jvm. Implies nodetach)

show this help page (implies nodetach)

don´t detach from parent process and become a daemon

verbosely print debugging information

only check service (implies nodetach)

stop the service using the file given in the pidfile option

wait waittime
wait up to waittime seconds for the service to start waittime should multiple of 10 (min=10)

user user
user used to run the daemon (defaults to current user)

enable verbose output

outfile /full/path/to/file
Location for output from stdout (defaults to /dev/null). Use the value ´&2´ to simulate ´1>&2´, or ´SYSLOG´ to send output to the system log.

errfile /full/path/to/file
Location for output from stderr (defaults to /dev/null). Use the value ´&1´ to simulate ´2>&1´, or ´SYSLOG´ to send output to the system log.

pidfile /full/path/to/file
Location for output from the file containing the pid of jsvc (defaults to /var/run/

set a Java system property

set Virtual Machine specific option

JSVC is part of the Jakarta Commons Daemon project. Authors are Jean Frederic Clere, Remy Maucherat, Yoav Shapira, Bill Barker. JSVC is under the Apache
License Version 2.0.

Jsvc version 1.0.1 11/09/2009 JSVC(1)-

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