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Man Inkscape  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man inkscape in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man inkscape

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

INKSCAPE(1)                                                                   Inkscape                                                                   INKSCAPE(1)

Inkscape an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) editing program.

"inkscape [options] [filename ...]"


?, help
V, version

f, file=FILENAME

e, export png=FILENAME
a, export area=x0:y0:x1:y1
C, export area page
D, export area drawing
export area snap
i, export id=ID
j, export id only
t, export use hints
b, export background=COLOR
y, export background opacity=VALUE
d, export dpi=DPI
w, export width=WIDTH
h, export height=HEIGHT

P, export ps=FILENAME
E, export eps=FILENAME
A, export pdf=FILENAME

T, export text to path
export ignore filters

l, export plain svg=FILENAME

p, print=PRINTER

I, query id=ID
X, query x
Y, query y
W, query width
H, query height
S, query all

x, extension directory

verb list
verb=VERB ID
select=OBJECT ID


g, with gui
z, without gui

vacuum defs

g fatal warnings

Inkscape is a GUI editor for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format drawing files, with capabilities similar to Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Xara Xtreme,
etc. Inkscape features include versatile shapes, bezier paths, freehand drawing, multi line text, text on path, alpha blending, arbitrary affine transforms,
gradient and pattern fills, node editing, many export and import formats including PNG and PDF, grouping, layers, live clones, and a lot more. The interface
is designed to be comfortable and efficient for skilled users, while remaining conformant to GNOME standards so that users familiar with other GNOME
applications can learn its interface rapidly.

SVG is a W3C standard XML format for 2D vector drawing. It allows defining objects in the drawing using points, paths, and primitive shapes. Colors, fonts,
stroke width, and so forth are specified as `style' attributes to these objects. The intent is that since SVG is a standard, and since its files are
text/xml, it will be possible to use SVG files in a sizeable number of programs and for a wide range of uses.

Inkscape uses SVG as its native document format, and has the goal of becoming the most fully compliant drawing program for SVG files available in the Open
Source community.

?, help
Show help message

V, version
Show Inkscape version and build date.

a x0:y0:x1:y1, export area=x0:y0:x1:y1
In PNG export, set the exported area in SVG user units (anonymous length units normally used in Inkscape SVG). The default is to export the entire
document canvas. The point (0,0) is the lower left corner.

C, export area page
In PNG, PDF, PS, and EPS export, exported area is the page. This is the default for PNG, PDF, and PS, so you don't need to specify this unless you
are using export id to export a specific object. In EPS, however, this is not the default; moreover, for EPS, the specification of the format does
not allow its bounding box to extend beyond its content. This means that when export area page is used with EPS export, the canvas bounding box
will be trimmed inwards to the bounding box of the content if it is smaller.

D, export area drawing
In PNG, PDF, PS, and EPS export, exported area is the drawing (not canvas), i.e. the bounding box of all objects of the document (or of the exported
object if export id is used). With this option, the exported image will display all the visible objects of the document without margins or
cropping. This is the default export area for EPS. For PNG, it can be used in combination with export use hints.

export area snap
For PNG export, snap the export area outwards to the nearest integer SVG user unit (px) values. If you are using the default export resolution of 90
dpi and your graphics are pixel snapped to minimize antialiasing, this switch allows you to preserve this alignment even if you are exporting some
object's bounding box (with export id or export area drawing) which is itself not pixel aligned.

b COLOR, export background=COLOR
Background color of exported PNG. This may be any SVG supported color string, for example "

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