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Ubuntu Man Command : man codeblocks

Man Codeblocks  Command

This tutorial shows the man page for man codeblocks in linux.

Open terminal with 'su' access and type the command as shown below:
man codeblocks

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

man(1)                                                                Code::Blocks IDE man page                                                               man(1)

Code::Blocks The open source, cross platform IDE

codeblocks [ h] [ ns] [ d] [ prefix ] [ p ] [ profile ] [ rebuild] [ build] [ target ] [ no batch window close] [ batch build
notify] [filename(s)...]

codeblocks launches the Code::Blocks IDE. Its various command line arguments are listed below.

h, help
Displays the list of accepted command line arguments.

ns Do not display a splash screen on startup. The splash screen can be completely disabled in the program's environment options.

d Enable the debugging log.

Specify an alternate path for Code::Blocks to find its shared files.

p, profile
Set which profile to use. If you set the profile to ask , Code::Blocks will display a list with all the known profiles to choose from.

Start a batch rebuild (i.e. "clean" and "build") job on the filenames passed as arguments. The filenames can be either projects or workspaces.

build Start a batch build (i.e. no "clean") job on the filenames passed as arguments. The filenames can be either projects or workspaces.

Specify a single build target to build in the batch build (or rebuild) job.

no batch window close
When the batch job ends, the log window closes too. This option keeps it open until you manually close it.

batch build notify
Display a message when the batch job finishes.

Batch build myproject.cpp, only the "Debug" target and keep the batch job window open when finished:
codeblocks build target="Debug" no batch window close myproject.cbp

Batch rebuild everything in myproject.cpp:
codeblocks rebuild myproject.cbp

Yiannis "mandrav" Mandravellos (

2006 Initial version

1.0 10 July 2006 man(1)

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