apt-get Install irc

How do you install irc in Linux using apt-get command?

How to Install irc with apt-get?

apt-get install irc -y

Install Irc  Command

Here is a tutorial to learn how to install irc using apt-get command.

Step 1: Open terminal with su access and enter the command as shown below:
apt-get install irc -y

Step 2: After completion, the install command exits and instructs the user to restart the running instances of irc if it is running already.

Result of the Command Execution shown below:

root@hiox:~ apt-get install irc -y
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Package irc is a virtual package provided by:
konversation 1.2.3 1ubuntu2.1
xchat 2.8.6 4ubuntu5
talksoup.app 1.0alpha 32 g55b4d4e 1build2
sirc 2.211 9.1
scrollz 2.0 1
ircii 20051015 2.3
epic5 1.0 2
epic4 1:2.10.1 1
You should explicitly select one to install.

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