After Valentine Day Date Sheet

What are the days celebrated after valentine day?

Anti Valentine Week Days

Anti Valentine Week Days
Valentines day is celebrated throughout the globe on February 14th of every year. On this day, many people would get into a new relationship. But its not same for everyone. Some may not be able to convince their love and few others might break up from the relationship. For such people, Anti valentine weeks are observed after the valentines week. This week is specially for people who are depressed and feeling miserable after a bad break up. Here is the detailed tutorial on After Valentine Day Date Sheet for the people who got hurt and unable to convince their dearest.

Seven Days After Valentine Day

Anti Valentine Date Sheet
(After Feb 14)
Feb 15: Slap Day
Feb 16: Kick Day
Feb 17: Perfume Day
Feb 18: Flirting Day
Feb 19: Confession Day
Feb 20: Missing Day
Feb 21: Breakup Day

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