Allied Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Allied Bank mobile service.

SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Allied Bank

Allied Bank SMS/mobile banking number is 9080

FTABL <payee_a/c_no> <amt>Transfer Fund to ABL Account
FTIB <bank_code> <payee_a/c_no> <amt>Transfer Fund to Other Account
PAYBILL <bill_comp_name> <bill_cons_no> <amt>Make Utility Bill Payement
PAYBILL <mob_comp_name> <mob_no> <am>Get Mobile Top up
PAB <Payee_CNIC> <name> <amt> <payee_mob_no>Pay Anyone
BI or BALCheck Account Balance
MSCheck Account Mini Statement
CBRRequest Cheque Book
ADDPAYEE <bank_code> <payee_a/c_no> <messagenick_name>Create Nick Name for Payees Acc No
ADDBILLER <bill_comp_name> <bill_cons_no/mob_no> <messagenick_name>Create Nick Name for Utility Bill Payment