VPN Addons to View Blocked Websites

How to view blocked websites using VPN Addons?

How to View Blocked Websites using VPN Addons?

  • One of the easiest way to access a blocked website in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) is done by installing the VPN Addons.
  • This add-on will send your Url request to an Inter-mediatory IP located in a different country (Country of your choice) and reaches the targeted website. Then it will return back to the user from a different IP.
  • Your ISP(Internet Service Provider) cannot block the website as your request will be accessed from a different IP. So, your ISP cannot detect who is accessing the site content.

Here we listed the most used and easiest Firefox add-ons to unblock a websites. They are

How to View Blocked Sites using Zenmate VPN?
Zenmate Vpn

How to View Blocked Sites using Browsec VPN?
Browsec Vpn

Learn how to download the addons and use it in accessing the blocked website.

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