Install Zenmate

How to install and use Zenmate VPN addon?

How to Use Zenmate?

Zenmate addon helps you to access a website virtually from a different country or location. It can also be used to view or access blocked website. To download Zenmate addon in your firefox browser, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: In the Firefox menu bar, click Tools Add-ons.
Click Addons
Step 2: In the addon search box, type as Zenmate and hit enter.
Select Zenmate
Step 3: In the resulting page, click Install.
Install Zenmate
Step 4: Zenmate will be automatically installed in your web browser.
Installed Zenmate
Step 5: Enter Your Email ID to access Zenmate Addon.
Zenmate On Email

Step 6: Click "ON" button to enable the Zenmate Addon in the Toolbar.
Zenmate On
Step 7: Now enter the blocked website Url in the address bar. The blocked site will be opened from a different IP.
Enter Url In Address

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