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Linux Tutorial:

A guide to learn how to monitor live network traffic details in linux using iftop.
A guide to manage the settings and workspaces of ubuntu, a model of linux operating system.

Banking :

Missed Call Bank Balance Enquiry
Missed Call Bank Balance Enquiry Numbers of all the Private and Government Banks in India.

Website Management:

Learn how to manage the websites hosted in the windows server using Plesk control panel.
Learn to manage your website using the cPanel which is a graphical web-based control panel.
File transfer protocol helps to transfer files from one host(FileZilla client) to the other host(FTP/SFTP server)
on a network.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
Get here the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome Browser with clear and simple examples.

Food and Recipes:

How to Caramelize?
Watch out the simple caramelized video recipes and enjoy cooking it out in your leisure time.

Survival Skills:

What to Do in an Earthquake?
Learn the do's and do not's to protect yourself during Earthquake from our simple image tutorial.

How to Calculate :

How to Calculate EMI?
Learn how to calculate your EMI value from our step by step tutorial.
How to Find the Mean?
A simple step by step tutorial to learn how to find the mean value for the set of data.
How to Find the Median?
Learn how to find the median value for the given set of values from our simple step by step tutorial.
How to find the Mode?
Go through our step by step tutorial to find the mode value for the set of values.

Love, Marriage Proposal Ideas:

How to Propose Your Love?
Go through the ideas given to propose your girl friend with the suitable plan in preferable place.

How to Stop Being Lazy:

Stop being Lazy
Read out the simple and effective tips to overcome laziness instantly.

Player Shortcuts:

JW Video Shortcuts
Simple keyboard shortcuts to play and access videos in JW player.
Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts
Youtube shortcuts to easily carry out the actions while playing youtube videos.

Mobile Apps:

Whatsapp in Google Chrome
Access Whatsapp in web browsers to mirror the conversations and messages from the mobile phone.
Android App Updates
Simple and effective guideline to Download, Install and Update Android Apps.


Vedic Maths
Vedic Maths teaches mental calculation techniques to solve difficult problems in an easiest way.
Million, Billion Vs Lakh, Crore
Learn how to convert numbers from one unit to other using the simple shortcuts.

Web Browsers Tutorial:

Mozilla Firefox
Firefox is a free and open source web browser of Mozilla developed for Windows, OS X and Linux.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google.
Internet Explorer
Most widely used web browser in windows operating system developed by Microsoft.

Browser Tips and Tricks:

Access Blocked Websites
Learn how to open and access a blocked website using VPN Addons or Proxy Sites using our tutorial.
Open Multiple Links in Firefox
Guide to open multiple links at once in firefox using multilinks addon.
Pop ups in Chrome
Learn how to block or allow pop-ups for any sites using popups blocker in chrome.
Open Multiple Links in Chrome
Guide to open multiple links at once in chrome using linkclump addon.

Paint Tutorial:

Windows 8 Paint
MS Paint is a drawing or painting tool, which is included in all versions of Microsoft Windows.


MSExcel 2013
Learn how to use basic and advanced options in the upgraded spreadsheet application.
OpenOffice Calc is a free open source spreadsheet application which is based on Sun StarOffice Suite.
Google Docs
Google Docs Spreadsheet is a web application used to create or modify data in real time.

Search Engine Tutorial:

Google Search
Learn about the basic and advanced usage of the Google search engine.

Email Tutorial:

A step by step tutorial for beginners about the basic usage of Gmail.

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